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FPs in the Press

We have a number of FPs and former staff who turn up from time to time in local and national press, mostly for their achievements. We have collected a few of these on this site. If you spot any others that we may have missed please let us know.

Obituary Fr Thomas Watson Flynn RGN - Scottish Catholic Observer
- Edinburgh Evening News
- The Scotsman

Look back to 1964 when Peter Fleming was Bathgate Gala King

Brian and Una Macnamara golden wedding anniversay March 2014

80 Years of Vervona and Crolla

Awards continue to roll in for the Continis

Raymond Ross is honored by Polish president.

Aidan Brember from back in 1986 wearing a mini kilt.

Laurence Cecchini's 15 minutes of fame 25 years ago.

Ricky's 'Total Work of Art'

Mike Maran likes to tell stories

Ricky Art Treasures

Vic Radynski had problems with his neighbours

Ricky Demarco at 80

Joe Flaherty tosses it in London

For Mike and Ricky it is elementary

Ricky asks of an apology for Italian Wartime Interment

Charity Ice Cream

Advocate Simon DiRollo speaks out on witness immunity

Ricky Demarco King of Culture in a Castle

Trams can't stop Valvona & Crolla

Vince Margiotta goes theatrical

Mike Maran - All roads lead to Rome

Owen Fee loses fight for life.

Alastair Lamond bucks the trend in the rescission.

Ricky Demarco Exhibition at Telford College

Ricky Demarco pictured in the 60's and his latest Polish link-up

Obituary of Dr Ton Conlon from the Scotsman

Obituary of Robin Laidlaw from the Centralian Advocate

Flyglobespan welcomes Homecoming

Ricky Demarco is made honorary citizen in Poland

Ricky Demarco put his photos online

Valvona and Crolla target London

Valvona and Crolla and Jenners look for progress

Valvona and Crolla join forces with Jenners

Martin Dockrell answers questions in his roll as Campains Manager for Action on Smoking and Health

Scotland on Sunday 18 September 2005

Sandy Alexander, Stands by his team

Tom Dalrymple, Flies High with FlyGlobespan

Philip Contini, Missionary work in Newcastle

Michael Maloco, lead the way in Fife.

Frank Vernolini in 1998

Read an extract from the Scotland On Sunday about the school

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