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September 2005

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month: -

60 None

50 David Robertson; Ivo Wynn-Williams; Martin Landgrebe; Robin Elton; Philip Ross ; Derek Millar; Michael Ward

40 Ralph McCran; Derek Graham



Condolences to the following FPs who have recently lost a loved one; Lindsay Munro , on the death of his father, and, Jan Tomasik , whose mother passed away.

David Wall ’s wife is seriously ill He has asked if all who know him remember his wife in their thoughts and prayers. We wish her a speedy recovery, and strength to both at this time.

Recent traces of FPs include:- Frank Strathie ; John Strathie ; Pat Skene ; Lorenzo Pelosi ; Kerr Simpson ; Jim McCabe ; Alan Macdonald ; Martin Landgrebe ; Mike J McEwan ; Paul A. Capaldi ; Paul Baines ; Peter Hunt : Peter Slepokura ; Charles Redmond ; Christopher Hand ; Laurence Maran ; Willie Rowbottom ;

A letter was received from David Walls following on from the belt quotation. It is an attachment to the e-mail.


Of the original 81 pupils who started Scotus in 1953:-

e-mails obtained 29

addresses obtained 4 ( contact made )

potential addresses 16 (trying to make contact)

deceased 6

no trace yet 25

Read an extract from the Scotland On Sunday about the school

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