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Scotian News

September 2016

Edition 139


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

75 James Scott;

70 Philip Dinkel; John McQueston;

65  David McGrory; Alfred Caws; Pablo Quinn; Daniel Doherty; Ian Alexander;

60  Simon Hobson; John Bartholomew;

50  None

 School News

It is with great sadness that we advise the death of the mother of Reno and Kevin DiRollo. Condolences have been offered. This grand old lady lived well into her 90s. It is good to hear of parents living long lives, and we know of more who are in their 90s and 100s. Long may they remain with us.

Raymond Ross advises of the following show:-

Scottish Storytelling Centre (Netherbow Theatre), Edinburgh, Monday November 14th 2016 at 7.30pm
A Rebel Ceilidh Come All Ye in association with Theatre Objektiv celebrating the songs and poetry of Morris Blythman (Thurso Berwick) the “Magic Marxist” of the Scottish Folk Revival.
Songs Republican and Radical, Nationalist and Internationalist. The inspiration of a generation and more of singers and songwriters. Starring Alastair MacDonald. With Raymond Ross and Corinne Harris.
Today’s YES generation of cultural and political activists owe an immense debt to pioneers like Morris Blythman (1919-1981) who powered the Folk Revival in the dark days of post-WW2 Scotland carrying with them the spirit of the pre-war Scottish Literary Renaissance.
Inspired by figures like John MacLean and James Connolly, Morris pursued the “perfervid spirit” of the Scots in his songs, poems and agitation. He initiated the idea of “demonstration singing” in Scotland in 1951 with his “Sangs o’ the Stane” while spearheading the Ding Dong Dollar anti-Polaris Balladeers of the 1960s and scrieving sangs for SNP campaigns. Along the radical road he also wrote some of the wittiest anti-Royalist songs ever penned.
An evening to celebrate “The Scottish Breakaway”, “Lucky Wee Prince Chairlie”, “Sky High Joe”, “The Eskimo Republic” and “Perfervidum Ingenium Scotorum” courtesy of “The Glesca Eskimos”.
(2 hrs with interval)
Tickets: £10.00 (£8.00)
Box Office: 0131 556 9579
Scottish Storytelling Centre 43-45 High Street Edinburgh

New e-mail contacts:- Thomas Matthew, former teacher.

E-mail changes:- Aldo Togneri; Charles Redmond; Peter Barry;

At the beginning of September, Derek Massarella visited us from Japan. A small reunion took place with Lucio Jannetta; Richard Acomb; David Edie; John Bacigalupo; Lindsay Wilson; Witoild Miedzibrodzki; and David Batty, our former Science teacher. Many items were discussed, including where other FPs might be. Names that cropped up were Piers Grant, now a high court judge in Northern Ireland, and Michael Finucane, a Procurator Fiscal, in Glasgow. Attempts have been made to contact them, so far without success.


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