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Scotian News

Oct 2009

Edition 56


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

65 Michael Reynolds; Leo Forsyth; Leo Stone; James McArdle; Roderick McKenzie; John McHale;

60  Rosham Maini; Michael Rostant; Willie Rowbottom; Jack Kerr; Andrew Lindsay; Brian Quigley; Derek Caldwell;

50  Christopher Bartholomew; Christopher Bain; Paul Hogarth; Angelo Deponio; Joseph Tan;

40  None

Next month marks a milestone. The first FPs, if still alive, will reach their 70th birthdays.

 School News

News came through during the month of the death of John Davies. John was at school from 1955 to 1961. We also heard of the death of Reno DiRollo’s mother in Law. We convey our sympathies to both families.

New e-mail contacts:- Ralph Coppola, in Australia;

 Change of e-mail addresses:- Aidan Bremner; Edward Balls Macdonald; John Doherty, in Australia;

Lost e-mail contacts:- Can anyone help?  Paul Casci; Paul “ Ronnie” Risi, in Perth, Australia; Chris Kerr;
Recently had contact with Jack Kerr, who advised that for his 60th birthday, he organised a rugby match for the event. Jack played. He is still turning out for Inverleith in competitive matches.

Max Gunn is in Intensive care in Italy.

Recently had contact from former Brother, Paddy McDermott, who passed on his regards to all, but especially to John Bacigalupo, Jack Kerr, and Lindsay Wilson, who used to referee his school rugby matches.

Congratulations are offered to all the Wynn-Williams family. On the 11 October, in Rome, in the presence of Father Damian Wynn-Williams, and Giles Wynn-Williams, one of their deceased relatives, Father Damian of Molokai was canonised. Their joy can only be imagined.

Paul Cassidy has reminded all the older members of the FPs, and, no doubt get their hearts racing, and put a smile on their faces, that the young French Teacher was Madamoiselle  De  Gouville.

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