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November 2008

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

65  Patrick Lee

60  Bernard Brian Flannagan; Glen Ross; John McLeod; Alex Gordon; Hubert Ross; Bennet Crolla;

50   Isiola Oyekan; Simon Sladden MacLennan; Steven Cook

40  Colin Devine; Foo Ken Cheung

 School News

We are sorry to advise the death of Richard Acomb’s father. Condolences are offered to the family.
Recent contact by e-mail:- Rev Randall Schlichting in Georgia USA. Randy told us that his father came to UK to work, lived in Gordon Road, in Corstorphine, and was sent to the local school, Scotus. Randy is now a Presbyterian Minister in the USA, married with 3 daughters, and would love to hear from any of his old classmates.

Found recently:-  Tony Walker, who has been designing and selling office furniture in various businesses  in Edinburgh for many years, is an FP. We have written to him to establish contact. Barrington Wilson, who is the Directorate General for Personnel at the European Parliament. We are also trying to establish contact.

Aleksander Jedrosz has a web site contact 


We were recently asked if we would be interested in obtaining some 8mm cine film of Bro Livingstone handing out medals on sports day by David Hunter. We would be delighted to receive this film, and any others that FPs may find in their own, or even their parents, attics. Please contact Maurice Dougan, or Lindsay Wilson.

Brendan “Jock” McCann has sent us information about Fergie Byrne, our Maths master, who was president, in 1935, of a committee to raise funds for the Church Hall at St Nicholas & St John Cantius Church, Broxburn, to be known as the Canon Hoban Memorial Hall. You can read his findings here.


May I wish all Scots a belated happy St. Andrew's Day, and to our American residents and visitors there, a happy Thanksgiving.
Winter has now come. Glasgow, on St. Andrew's night,  was the coldest on record for 25 years. Edinburgh was also cold, and we had a small fall of snow. My old bones can't take this cold. And what is worse? Hibs have drawn Hearts in the 4th round of the Scottish Cup. Again the Edinburgh challenge is blunted at the first hurdle
There have been some interesting items in the newspapers this month. Extracts will be published on the web page, but I can tell you  that Richard Demarco, our Art Teacher, has been made an Honorary Citizen of Lodz, Poland. He has also got an online digital archive of  50 years of his "life's work". There are more than 10,000 photographs taken by him. More details from him.  
Philip Contini continues to expand. and that is not his waistline. Valvona & Crolla, fresh from its infiltration of Jenner's in Edinburgh, has now opened, under its Vin Caffe brand, in the new House of Fraser store within the new Westfield Shopping Centre, Europe's largest city shopping mall. Does Italy have enough produce to supply all these outlets? Watch this space.
Recent communications have been received from Ed. Hoffie, Giles Wynn-Williams, Alistair Lamond, Desmond Deignan, Jon Ovington, Brendan "Jock" McCann. All make comment that they would love to have contact from their peers. What about it lads? If you need contact details, I have them. Just ask.  Jon has suggested a new heading for the web site. Poetry composed by FPs. Some must have written some. We would be pleased to receive you scripts.
A number of FPs have added comments on the guestbook page of the website. Thank you for that, but we would like you all to comment, as this could get some of your fellow FPs to contact us. Please add your thoughts and conmments.
Thank you to all of you who tried to contact my Skype page. I have spoken to, and seen on screen, many FPs who lok different from the times I knew them, but it is a pleasure making this contact. More please.
I have received two photographs this month. One is a class photo of about 1961. In it are, from each row, Ken Charles, Willie Morrison, Eddie Jones and Peter Cassidy. The photo is memorable for two things:-  Brian Eckersley is in white gym shoes, whilst everyone else is in ordinary shoes, and Peter Yeo is in shorts. Those of you who recognise these facts will know if you are in the photo. Also, Desmond Deignan has sent in a photo of a class on the first day of the school in 1953. Peter Barry, John Malone and David Nelson are among those spotted along with an older pupil, Bert D'Agostino. Both will be able to be viewed on the gallery of the web page.
Gentlemen. The ties have arrived. A number of you have expressed a wish to purchase these. I can confirm that the ties are much wider than the ones previously purchased. I require all of you who ordered ties, and any who would like to order them to e-mail me with the address you wish them to be sent.The cost, including postage and packing, will be:-
U K £10
Europe £11
Rest of World £12
You may either send cheques, or electronically transfer the money. For those of you wishing to do the latter, contact me and I will supply bank details for the receiving A/C.
It is my intention, in the next few weeks, to visit "Chips"  McCafferty, our French teacher. Anyone who would like to send him a greeting should notify me in the first few days of December.
As this will be my last communication before Christmas, may I wish you, and yours, a very peaceful, joyous, holy and enjoyable Christmas. Christmas is a time for families, and I wish all of you contentment within  your family circle.
I note today that 2009 has been named by the Scottish Executive the" Year of Homecoming", coinciding with the 250th anniversary of the death of Rabbie Burns.  I hope as many of you as possible make that journey, and that you will let me know, well in advance, of that visit.


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