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November 2015

Edition 129


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

75 Bert D’Agostino; Andrew Robertson; Pete Scholfield;

70 Domenic Iannarelli (Scott); John Porter; Roddy Zentil;  

65  Christopher Pelosi; Peter Tarelli; John Massa; Charles Donfrancesco;

60  Harry McDowel; Ian Sharpe; Simon Hampson; Graham Bridges; Bernard Connarty;

50 Scott McIntosh; Sandy Perfect;

 School News

We regret to advise the death of C Gordon McCready (1962-1972). Gordon was a professional golfer, and latterly a golf coach and mentor. He passed away after a long battle with cancer in his home city of Paris. Condolences have been offered to his family.

Change of e-mail:- Ken Reilly;

Latest epistle from Ricky Demarco:-

Richard Demarco's Newsletter from Krakow 10th December 2015
Director: Professor RICHARD DEMARCO, CBE, OBE Deputy Director: Terry Ann Newman
Email: richard@richarddemarco.org – Telephone: +44 (0)77 48 96 13 15
I have been quite overwhelmed by the interest in the Demarco Archive with reference to the programme devoted to honouring the death of Tadeusz Kantor on 8th December 1990. This is the last programme of the ‘UNESCO Year of Kantor’ throughout the world. My contribution to the programme was focused on the importance of the Edinburgh International Festival to the development of Kantor’s career. I regard Tadeusz Kantor as equal to Joseph Beuys as an artist who, through his art, defined, in particular, the cultural life of Europe throughout his lifetime from 1930s, during the War and the Cold War, and the posts-Cold War years.
I have emphasised this fact to the representatives of the Pompidou, the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris.
I therefore wish to inform everyone reading this newsletter that I wish the 2015 UNESCO Year of Kantor to end with two events. The first will be on 17th December from 6.30 to 8.30 pm in The Demarco Foundation’s Gallery at the Summerhall Arts Centre in Edinburgh. The event will be focused on contributions made by those who I regard as experts on the world of Kantor. They will speak in relation to the exhibition already existing, showing how Kantor and Beuys came together under the aegis of the Demarco Gallery’s Edinburgh Arts summer programmes, in The Forresthill Poorhouse 1972 and 1973 and in Edinburgh College of Art in 1976. The speakers will those who defined the event which took place at The Whitechapel Gallery earlier this year. It was a two-hour long event and the speakers were chosen by Sandy Nairne, who was a member of the Cricot 2 company and who was until recently the Director of The National Portrait Gallery in London, and Faynia Williams, who like Sandy Nairne was part of the Demarco team which presented The Water Hen as part of ‘Atelier 72’ for the Official Edinburgh International Festival.
The other speakers at The Whitechapel were Jack Klaff who read from Kantor’s Manifestoes, Professor Noel Witts, an reputable authority on Kantor’s world, Mischa Twitchin, who like Noel Witts, is an academic, and myself.
On 19th December, there will be, for the Friends of the Demarco Archive, a Christmas Gathering from 1 pm to 4 pm in same gallery space as the previous event. I would appreciate having any response to this Newsletter sent to me by email or by telephone. I regard this Christmas Party as the ending of a most extraordinary year for which I am truly thankful to all those individuals and institutions who have made it so, in Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Sokolowsko, Dublin, Paris, Venice, Berlin, Duesseldorf, London and Bath.
Richard Demarco

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