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Scotian News

May 2010

Edition 63


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

70 Laurence Demarco; 

65  John Skelly; 

60  Andrew Conlon; Alexander Garden; Derek Masserella; Ian Dickson;

50   Thomas McDermott; Clifford Maucey;

 School News

We recently heard that Franco Abbasciano’s daughter had recently died suddenly, and, a few months ago, Norman Kelly’s mother had passed away. We offer condolences to the families.

Ian Cunning has changed e-mail addresses.

Joe Flaherty has been heavily involved in the first Highland Games in London for 30 years. He is a mainstay in the movement to have London Scottish rugby club a major force for Scottish rugby in London, as it was in the years up to the 1990s.


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