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May 2007


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month: -

65 Peter Hunt;

60 Michael Grotz; John Laidlaw; Bernard Wynn-Williams; Paul Capaldi;

50 Chan Chi-Fai; Patrick Aligia-Kelly; Robert Stevenson;

40 Cheung Foo-Young; Josrph McCann;

Other News

It is never a pleasant duty to advise of the death of a fellow FP, but this month we have to advise of the death of Crispin Conacher, brother of Nicholas (Fr.Giles) and Toby Conacher.

It has also been advised that the death has occurred of the mother of Witold and Roman Miedzybrodzki.

As we went to print we learned of the death of Mrs Ruby McLaughlin, the mother of Paul, and the late Jock, and the late Kevin, all FPs. She was a well kent face among Scotians of the early years. She and her husband used to be very active in School Associations, and Garden Fetes, and helped raise many thousands of pounds to help keep the school flourishing. Many will remember her welcoming smile as we entered the doors of the Caley picture house in Lothian Road, and would be grateful for the complementary tickets issued to go and see the film showing. She deserves a rest, and a reunion with her family. May she rest in peace.

Our condolences are sent to both families.

 New e-mail contacts:- Roger Conlon; Steven M. Brandl –in Wisconsin, USA;

E-mail changes;-Bruce MacDonald; Stephen D’Agostino; Eion Coulthard;John Bacigalupo; Gerry O’Connell;

Correspondence received this month;- Roger Conlon; Hugh Eadie; Eion Coulthard; Dermod O’Malley; Leo Forsyth; Michael Davis; Fr. (Giles) Nicholas Conacher; Mario D’Amico; Michael Balchun; John Coyle; Scott Miller; Stephen D’Agostino; Stephen Risi; Tony Ward; Bruce MacDonald;

Phone call from;- Ronnie Rowley, who tells us he has contact details for Kenny Maidens:


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