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May 2006

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

60 Michael Lampshire; Alexander Kempton-Smith; John Bacigalupo; John Coyle;

50 Gordon Croan; Philip Croan; Kevin Mather; Rafaele Coppola;

40 Nicholas Morris; Foo Yeng Chung;

School News

Latest contacts by e-mail:- (Bro) now Michael Carmody – in Ireland; Mike Lampshire; and Billy Gillon —in Edinburgh; Tony Rogers —in Wolverhampton; Paul John Kelly -- Wallyford; Lawrie Kelly ---in Edinburgh; John Croan —in Edinburgh; Joe Rogers ; Francis Prichard ---Cardiff: Aleksander Jedrosz —in London; Mike McEwan —in Edinburgh; Bruce Steven MacDonald —in Edinburgh

Change of e-mail:- John Pryde , Mike Peterson , Joe Barry; Paul Anthony DiRollo; Brian Hunter

Residences - Peter Rogers —in London;

The death has been announced of Rino DiRollo, father of Joseph, Simon and Paul DiRollo . Condolences. Heard that Malcolm Croan passed away in 1990.

Just heard that Max Gunn has had a massive heart attack at his home in Italy. We send our best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

Recently met with Derek Everest , He is hoping to start a new job in Edinburgh. New photo of him will be on the web page shortly.

For information, web pages worth looking at:-

Billy Gillon - www.the-leith-gallery.co.uk

Aidan Bremner - www.aidanbremner.com

Ricky Ford has recently been in touch. He has represented Wales ( he’s residentially qualified, not a leek lover )in the over 55yrs Squash Masters Home Internationals, which were played this year at the Edinburgh Sports Club. He won his match against Scotland, but lost to England and Ireland. We ask—has he been got at?

Earlier in the year, he won the RAC over 55yrs Squash Masters championship, and has previously won the over 45yrs RAC Squash competition. I bet many of you thought he was a fat b*****d. Well done, Ricky. There is life in the old pupils after all.

At the recent 60 th birthday party of John Bacigalupo , fellow FPs in attendance were:- Tony Rogers , John Barry and Lindsay Wilson . On his way home after the meal, Lindsay was stopped by the police and breathalysed. The result was negative, but the police told him that a member of the public saw him stagger to his car and phoned the police. He was so shocked, he phoned his friends to see if it was a wind up. The remnants of his 3 strokes returned to haunt him.

Spoke to Aidan Bremner recently. He was over helping his sister move house, and, yes, he was decorating her new home. Now we know what Art College was for.

Peter Perrins was in the Scotsman recently. His company( he is managing Director ) own a large number of Bingo halls, and their expansion plans are on hold, because of the effect of the smoking ban in their clubs, which is hitting profits. The ban is a good idea for almost all.

Found out when we met Tony Rogers that he and Ramon Demarco have been friends since they were 10 years old, and are still best buddies. Can anyone beat that?

Relio Poletti has just become a grandfather. Congratulations to him. He has recently retired.

The Hong Kong branch of the FPs recently held their first meeting—in Manila. Peter Gallo and James Buist got together as a result of the e-mail register. Any other stories of reunions which you can advise the newsletter?

Tom Dalrymple continues to grow FlyGlobespan . The latest report in the papers suggest it should be Scotland’s National Airline, as it offers many flights from Scottish airports to destinations in Europe and America, which a few years ago could only be accessed through London. Keep up the good work, Tom. You deserve our support. Tom’s latest picture is on the web gallery.

Received an e-mail from France asking for information to help complete a biography of the late Arthur Oldham . A copy of the e-mail is attached to the accompanying e-mail. All help would be gratefully received. Arthur deserves a full chapter about his life at Scotus. Information is required about his school life, and his Choir life.

As you saw in an e-mail recently sent, Ricky Demarco is to receive an Honorary degree from the Art College in Lotz, Poland. We offer our congratulations.

Simon Pia , the former Diarist in the Scotsman, is now presenting a show on Talk 107, an independent radio station serving the Lothians, Fife and Edinburgh. Waffle is a major necessity on this show, and Simon has it in bucketfuls.

He’s back. In the interests of his readers, your scribe recently checked out the menu and wines at Bert D’Agostino’s new venture, Bistro Cramond Brig , on the outskirts of Edinburgh on the Queensferry Road . The standard was every bit as good as his famous restaurant of many years ago, Umberto’s in Dublin Street. The chef is the same one he had there. Well worth a visit, and reasonably priced, as many of the patrons were overheard to say. No one should be disappointed.

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