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Scotian News

March 2010

Edition 61


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

70 Ron Kingham;

65  Brian Hill; Gerry D’Agostino; John Martin; Bernard McGee;

60  George Krot;

50  Joe DiRollo; Edward Flowers; Alistair Malarchy; Gerald Flynn;

 School News

We normally notify here death notices of relatives of FPs. It is with great sadnees and regret that today we announce the death of one of our own. Max Gunn died in Italy after a long illness. We pass our condolences to his family, including his brothers, Paul ( Gianpaulo) and Stuart.

We have just heard of the death of the mother of Mike and Kevan Donoghue. She was an integral part of the growth of the school through her tireless hard work in helping with many Garden Fetes in the formative years of the school. Again our condolences are offered to the family.

We have recently heard that Frank Vernollini, and Charles Packham, are recovering from serious illness. We wish them well in their fight for recovery.

Latest e-mail contacts:- Tony Rostant, in Dubai;

E-mail changes:- Scott Miller; James Boyle, who is now resident in Edinburgh.

Recently had contact from the son in law of Peter DiRollo. Both Peter & his brother Ernest, still live in Edinburgh.

Errata.  Last month we referred to Andrew Cook. This should have read Robert Cook.

We have been promised a digitised version of “ The Land of Green Ginger” More later.

Malcolm Croan, aka Callum tells us that his latest book “Right Hand up to God” is now in libraries.  The book apparently raises questions about an individual’s faith. Callum says it has a “Thorn Birds” theme to it.

He also advised that he was at St Joseph’s, Dumfries, and an account of his escape from that seat of learning is on his blog.( A Glimpse At The Past/The Great Escape.) 

Scott Miller advises that, after nearly 45 years at Scottish Widows, he has decided to retire at the end of April. Phone calls about his cricket may cost him money in future. What will the dear old ladies do now?

We have been contacted by Ricky Ford. He advises that he will be the youngest player in the over 60s Welsh squash team.  What stamina.

We have recently had a request for contact with Peter Bunyan, who went to South Africa, and Chris Flannigan. Is anyone able to help?

During the Second World War, the British Government, after Mussolini entered Italy into the conflict, interned a large number of the Italian community in Britain, even though most were outstanding citizens, who had relatives fighting in the British Forces. Many were sent to prisons, some to the Isle of Man, and some to Canada. One of those ships sent to Canada was the Andorra Star, and it was torpedoed with a great loss of life. Ricky Demarco has recently had an article printed in the local Evening News with a follow up story, looking for justice for these people. Many were relatives of FPs. The articles are published on the web page, and are worth reading.

Articles in the press about Reno DiRollo and Simon DiRollo have been added to the press cuttings on our website.

In an article in a recent “Golfer” magazine, there was an article about golfing in Tenerife. One part of the article concerned the golf course “Costa Adeje”. The article was as follows:-

Costa Adeja, a former banana plantation, was turned into a golf venue just over a decade ago and since opening has proved a welcome and impressive addition to the Tenerife golf scene. It’s holiday golf at its friendliest-from the moment you pitch up at the starters hut and receive a warm welcome from Edinburgh born John McQueenie, who has worked there for eight years.

The articles has another two paragraphs, but the important thing is that John, or better known at school as Squeak, is doing a great job out there. Many FPs have met him, and all say that if you let John know you are an FP, his face will light up, and you will be treated as royalty. If you manage to go there, make the effort to speak to him.

Recent visitors to Edinburgh:- Tony Ward; Dermod O’Malley.


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