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March 2008

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

65  Andrew Lonie; Eric Archibald; David Nelson; Geoffrey Melville; Vincent DiCiacca;

60  John Reid; John MacDonald; George Muldoon;

50  Hugh Young;

40  David Cameron; Peter Davis; Michael McGovern;

 School News

Newsletters spark information. We regret to advise that Ogilvie Robertson, who was listed in the memorable birthday list, died in a car accident, in South Africa, some 25 years ago.

It gives us great pleasure to be able to correct bad news. Reports of Ian Beltowski’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Apparently it was his father who died many years ago. Ian lives in Edinburgh, but has not been too well recently.

Recently made contact with Frank Strathie in Aberdeen. He would like all old friends to re-establish contact. Joe Tapper now has an e-mail address in France.

Peter Barry has changed his e-mail address.

As Scott Miller has now passed through the 60 barrier, he is now working part time, but still receiving cricket notices full time.

Mike Crean advises that it is the 50th anniversary of the first school pilgrimage to Lourdes. He has written an article, which you can read here.

Donald Cormack ,  Pete Schofield and George Maguire have changed their e-mail addresses. Anyone know the up to date ones?

We have been advised that Mike Sexton may be visiting Edinburgh in August.

Please remember.The next Scotus Reunion will be on Friday, 28 September 2008 at 7.30pm at the Corn Exchange.

We have just heard from Pete Schofield in Canada. He, after losing touch for many years, recently made contact with Danny Gibbon’s widow. She is still coming to terms with Danny’s death, but had a wonderful reunion telephone call with Pete. We have been able to get some details of Danny’s life in the States. He was not, as had been reported to your scribe, one of New York’s finest, but worked for many years with A.T. & T., and travelled the world with them as some kind of contract negotiator. He retired in 1991 through ill health, and had a skin disease, which caused his death.

We are delighted that, through the reopening of school FP contacts, we have been able to bring old friends together again, even if it is in sad circumstances. Let us hope that this contact will ease the pain for Danny’s widow.

Recently received an e-mail from Hugh Pettigrew’s widow, Margaret. She has given us the e-mail contact for Fergie Byrne’s daughter, Sheila. She has recently retired as a G.P. in the Borders, and has said she might have some school memorabilia, so we have made contact. More later.

We have also made contact with Dr. Frank Zwolinski. Frank is on the staff at Dundee University. In 1993, Frank contacted your scribe for help in compiling a thesis for his Doctorate, which we are delighted to advise he obtained. His paper was “The Congregation of Christian Brothers in Scotland 1951-1983 “ Frank was a former pupil of Falkland, so was able to deal with that school’s history. Your scribe helped out with information about Scotus. It is an interesting read, and we have obtained Frank’s permission to publish it on our web site, and should be on site shortly. The Scotus pages are well worth a look at.

Following on from our discussion with Frank, he advised that a Dominic Hyland had been in touch with him for some ideas for a book about Christian Brothers schools in Great Britain. We contacted him, and it transpires that he was a brother at Scotus in 1958. He now lives in Fife. He remembers clearly George O’Hara. He also mentioned a Brother at the school, Pius McDonald. Anyone remember them? We have Dominic’s e-mail if anyone wants to contact. He has sent a copy of his book, and we are seeking permission to copy it on the web page. He also sent a photo of him with Bro.  Michael McCarthy, now Prof. McCarthy. We shall try to make contact with the Prof.  

During a recent trawl of items mentioning Scotus Academy on Google, we hit on an entry for Barry Wilson. He is the Secretariat - General for Personnel at the European Parliament. We have written to him for contact details, but await his reply. If you wish to see a photo of him, go to the gallery or click on this entry.


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