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March 2005

This will come as a shock to many of you, who have probably forgotten completely about the old school, now The BUPA Murrayfield Hospital.Some background to this e-mail is required:-
My name is Lindsay Wilson. I started school on the first day, 16 September 1953, and left in July 1964. I was Deputy Head Boy in 1963-64.

Unlike many of my peers, I enjoyed my time at school, and regularly returned to take the boys after school for rugby training, and , for several years, refereed school matches on a Saturday morning.I, also, audited the accounts for presentation to the Christian Brothers Provinciate. I am 58 years of age, a recently retired Chartered Accountant still living in Edinburgh,married to Catherine McGaughran for 34 years with 4 kids and 1 grandchild.

Why not? It should be done before we are all too old to remember. And I would like to find out what you are all doing. I have received Inland Revenue letters for years with the name, Amerigo Lanny on it. I found out last week he is an FP.

I obtained a copy of the school register in 1991. I always wanted to computerise the information to arrange for some contact with FP's. I was too busy with my business life.Then along came e-mails and the world became a smaller place, and you only answered them if you wanted to.

Because of ill health, my retirement came a year earlier than planned, and I needed some project to help keep both mind and body occupied. The register came to mind and I thought there might be some fun in listing e-mail addresses for contact with old pals.

Many of you will know that I contacted you through "Friends Reunited" on the web site. I have written there to almost 190 FP's and still await some replies.I have visited some and phoned others, some for the first time in over 14 years,It has been a real pleasure meeting. speaking, and e-mailing you all. I have spoken by e-mail to some guys I haven't seen in 40 years.

There are now approx. 100 e-mail addresses on, with some teachers as well.
Now it is your turn.
1 I should be obliged if you would check your entry in the register for names and dates of birth for any errors and notify me.
2 Let me know of any information that you think would be of interest to the group.
3 You must know people on the list ,but no information. Phone them, get their e-mail address and tell me. If they don't have one, give me their phone no. Ask you wife and sisters if they know any sisters of guys at school, and get them to make contact.This could see a lot of people reconnecting.
4 Advise of any deceased members. I think my information is right, but would like to be sure.
5 Details of Head Boys are sketchy. Can you fill in missing years?

6 Advise me of any changes in e-mail info.7 Do any of you still have contact with teachers from the school?

It is my intention to keep this going and I would ask you to use me as the hub for information,so lets see how good you are at getting details. I know we will never get some who have gone back to America or Africa, but who knows.
I propose to send the updated list at the end of each month, if changes have occurred, and a newsletter, if items have been sent in.
I understand that some of you may not want this information sent to you. That is your choice, and,  if it is, please let me know and I shall remove your name from the e-mail posting list. I would encourage you to continue to make on old,sick man very happy, and aid his recovery.
Enjoy yourselves and happy re-acquaintances. Keep in touch. Feedback would be helpful. Remember to e-mail old teachers too.
Why not supply me with a contact phone no. and/or an address in case there are problems with the e-mail? Mine is 0131 339 3792, and address:- 21 Cammo Grove. Edinburgh EH4 8EX. 
Lindsay Wilson 

Read an extract from the Scotland On Sunday about the school

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