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Scotian News

June 2012

Edition 88

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

70 Joseph Barrett; James Moran; William Gillon; Alexander Carrington;

65 Robert Rostant; Vincent Delicato; Paul Baker; Paul Cassidy; Ian Somerville; Paul Baines; Francis Geddes;

60 Richard Acomb; Stuart Gunn; Ryzard Czarnota; Peter Beard; Mario Coppola;

50 Charles Lowe; Michael Clark; Ernest DiCiacca;

 School News

Change of e-mail:- Andrew Sobolewski;

Congratulations to Philip Contini on becoming a grandfather for the first time

Remo Lanni has now left hospital and is making a good recovery.

Ken Charles advises that he will take “the package” from the Forestry Commission on 30th June, but will return part time for about 9 months before final retirement.

Simon Walton has been heavily involved in the reopening of Greyfriars Bobby’s bar and restaurant. See more on his Facebook page.

Aidan Bremner wrote:- I'm taking a working break to this years Porto Cartoon event, family invited too by their Print Museum boat trip ,Portwine tasting ,meals ,Hotel all laid on.
In return I submit some cartoons to their contest and draw Caricatures on Sunday in centre Porto with half dozen other artists from around the globe. Then we retreat to the hills and a village and go native for some days till the caricature season 'hots up' in our hometown Lagos then its working Nights again tll sept.
Mike McEwan works voluntry on a bio- farm 2 days and I've started to join him on fridays .



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