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Scotian News

June 2010

Edition 64


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

70 None 

65  Freddy Worth; Iain Brown; Stanley Sinclair; Ronnie Rowley; Jimmy Walshe; 

60  Dennis Donnelly; Michael Finucane; Witold Miedzybrodzki; Paul McLaughlin; Francis Potter; Peter Maxwell-Brodie; Colin Turnbull; 

50  Colin D. Devine; Francis Fox; Michael Brand; Paul Fitzpatrick; 

 School News

It is never a good time when we have to report deaths, but it is an even greater sadness when we report on one of our own. We have recently heard of the death, in South Africa, of Eddie Holleran( 1953-1960). He was one of the original pupils at the school, and was part of a well known Corstorphine family. His father owned, and managed, the boot and shoe repairers opposite St Margaret’s Park, in the High Street in Corstorphine village, and Eddie was a keen amateur boxer. He emigrated to South Africa, and became a competent golfer, and a follower of all things sporting. He married there, and is survived by two daughters. His health had not been too good recently, but he took a massive stroke, which resulted in an almost instantaneous death. His younger brother, Brian, was murdered in Edinburgh two years ago, so we offer a great deal of sympathy to his remaining elder brother, Eddie, recently retired after a long career with Grays of George Street. Our condolences are offered to his family.

We have also been informed of the death of the father of Patrick, Christopher and Ambrose Aliaga-Kelly. We offer our sympathies.

New contact:- Liam Donnelly, in Mumbai.

Change of e-mail address:- Tony Rostant; Stephen Koral;

It is always a pleasure to hear that FPs have met again after many years. This month we heard that Randy Schlichting and John Bartholomew had dinner in Atlanta.

Aidan Bremner recently sent an old class photo to Maurice Dougan, who tells us that there are now more than 600 photographs on the website. You all must be in one of them, but, if not, you can rectify this by sending, either a photo of your schooldays, or an up to date mugshot to show everyone how you look today.

Aidan Bremner has sent us information about his artistic life. He wrote:-
Can I get a mention for getting artwork Into the. Porto Cartoon, world competition,out of 2,100 entries ,getting into top 21,with " Honorable  Mention"for that naked lady painted in suitcase.entitled "Nothing to Declare".

The link for the Internet is


John Timms recently wrote to ask if any FP could remember the school timetable, and lessons, that they had in class. He is apparently doing some research into this topic. If anyone can help, please contact John at:-


On the 9th July, Ricky Demarco will celebrate his 80th birthday. There was a very nice article about his life, and future ambitions in a recent Edinburgh Evening News, and this will be on the website shortly. We are extremely proud to have had an association with this colourful citizen of Edinburgh. We feel the event should be marked by as many FPs sending a short message to Ricky on the occasion of his birthday, and we hope you all agree.  His e-mail is:-



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