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June 2009

Edition 52


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

65 Ian Cunning; Neil MacKenzie; John C.Hunter; Hugh Wray; Gianpaulo Gunn;

60  Adam Dzierzek; Michael Taddei; John Ashton;

50  Remo Lanni;

40  Paul Grant; William O’Brien;

 School News

We now have e-mail contact with Valerio Nannini, in Switzerland, Nicky Garry, in Edinburgh, and Mark Wilson.

New e-mail address received for Joe Capaldi, who is now resident in Dubai, and Charlie Ross.

Contact has been re-established with John Kelly, in North Berwick.

We have had recent contact with Ronnie Rowley, in South Africa, and Bernard Wynn-Williams, in New Zealand. Both wished to be remembered to their school friends.

At a recent large Invitation tournament at the Royal Burgess Golf Society, third place was obtained by John Bacigalupo and Lindsay Wilson, and congratulations are offered to them. Other FPs playing included Andrew Robertson, John McQueston, and Tony Kelly. Also seen on the course over that weekend was Tony Thain.

Witold Miedzybrodzki has advised that he is shortly moving to Lerwick to work at Sullom Voe. He has said that he would welcome visits from fellow former pupils ( he does not want to see anyone who bullied or belted him at school). He says he might put you up, if you buy him a meal at the Museum restaurant. Contact details may be obtained from Lindsay Wilson.

Vince James has been back in touch. His web site is:-


Martin Killiner is now living in Brechin.

Brian Hill has suggested we should have a register, or list, of FPs services which would be made available at discounted prices. He is involved with accelerated learning techniques for dyslexics, and those having difficulty with tables, spelling, etc. could be offered help at 40% off. He was obviously thinking of grandchildren, or remoter issue, of FPs. If the concept, or the help offered, is of interest, could you contact Lindsay Wilson in the first instance.

Sadly, Ricky Demarco has given us insufficient notice for his latest exhibition, and Art Sale which took place at the Henderson Gallery in Thistle Street Lane, Edinburgh from the 19th to the 21st June. Apparently, you could have viewed the pictures on:-  www.richarddemarco.org You may still be able to access the site.

Bro Duignan has sent us an exercise book in which the first classes on 16 September 1953 have been listed. The classes for the following years are also noted. If anyone would like to see the list of their original class back at the start of the school, please contact . We have also had a letter from Bro. Duignan, expressing his sorrow at missing last year’s reunion, through ill health. He hopes, as his health is much better, to attend this year.

Bro. Anthony has sent to us a copy of a Necrology ( a history of the life and works) of Bro. “Harry” Engel. A number of FPs made some sort of contribution to its completion. Some of the comments were favourable, but some were not, and all are reflected in the article. From the article, it is seen that Bro. Engel was troubled with illness for many years, and death came as a blessed relief.

10 names have been put forward, so far, for the reunion. Are there any more willing to commit themselves for the event? You will need to get your name in quickly, or you may be crushed in the last minute stampede. Remember it is at The Corn Exchange, Chesser Avenue on Friday 2nd October at 7.30pm

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