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June 2008

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

65 Jan Tomasik;

60  David King; Kim Fox; Adrian Kendal; Peter Fleming;

50  Michael Gallagher; Charles Noble; Timothy Jones; Ramsay Smith; Nicholas Shakespeare; Alan Tansay; Raymond Tuzi; Peter Pateluch; John Underwood;

40  Henry Dyson; Eion McManus;


 School News

We send our condolences to Frank Strathie, whose niece, Bernadette died this month. She was also the cousin of John Strathie. Sympathy also is offered to Stuart McLaughlin, who recently lost his mother in law.

Congratulations and prayers are offered to Canon Alan John Finley, who has been appointed Dean of Clifton Cathedral, in Bristol. He advises that he was the junior priest of 4 when he started his Ministry in 1975, but will now be on his own. He is a keen Birmingham City supporter, so, maybe, his Bishop is making sure he is available to support the Brummies against Bristol City. Scotians continue to rise in the world.

Contact has be re-established with Ernest DiCiacca.

Change of e-mails have been notified by Andrew Sobelewski, Mike Maloco, and David Hunter.

We were recently contact by Jean-Pierrre Belleville, who has been involved in making up the web site for the late Arthur Oldham


He wrote the following:-

Dear Friend,

In spite of my silence I do not forget you.
And we do not forget Arthur Oldham because we are working to diffuse the music he has composed.
In this way, several musical events have recently occurred in Paris, others events being in preparation.

1. March 19, during a small concert, my wife, Marie-Christine sang two of the "Five Chinese Lyrics" composed by Arthur Oldham in 1945.
This concert (Program in appendix) was recorded and a CD is being prepared. I will save some for you.
This happened in the Catholic Cathedral Sainte-Croix des Arméniens in Paris.

2. May 7, Annie Oldham and the Association of Friends of Arthur attended a mass at the Church of Saint-Roch in Paris to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the death of Arthur. The former Arthur choir sang several works of sacred music and during communion, Marie-Christine sang with the organ an extract from a work of Arthur "Sora Luna". An aria of very nice and moving celestial music.

3. May 29-31, with some friends of Arthur, we will attend (as spectators) the “37th Florilège Vocal de Tours” (an international song competition). And we will explore with the organisers, the possibility of establishing a “Prize Arthur Oldham” for choirs.

4. At the end of November, a concert will take place at the Armenian Catholic Cathedral with essentially the music of Arthur: a motet by Arthur "Sacerdos and Pontifex" for choir and organ, sung by Arthur’s former chorister. Marie-Christine and a friend will sing the “Five Chinese Lyrics” - and perhaps Marie-Christine will sing "Sora Luna" with the organ. The program will include some music of Benjamin Britten. This concert will also be recorded and I'll reserve a few CDs for you.

Following you advice, I sent an email to the journalist Simon Pia (on 2 March, 20:20), but I have received no reply. He may not have received my email. Either he has not understood my request and my intention because of my poor English writing. I will soon write to him again..

I hope my email will find You in the best of health.
Best regards


At a recent High Constables of Edinburgh golf tie Tony Thain very kindly let Lindsay Wilson win.

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