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July 2008


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month: -

65  Peter Fallowfield;

60  David King; Thomas Morrell; Joseph Payne; Richard O’Brien; John Horner;

50  Chris Aligia-Kelly; Sam Coward; William Main;

40  None

 School News

We offer our condolences to Philip Contini, whose father died a few days ago.

In the Evening News of Wednesday 16 July, there was a magnificent article about Philip’s father. This must have given him great pride to read in the local paper. In the same edition, Philip announced that he was forming a partnership with Jenners to run their Food Court, giving Jenners an up market Hall, and Valvona & Crolla, much needed space to augment their business in Elm Row. We wish Philip well in his new venture.

We have just had e-mail contact from Graham Bridges , in England, and Raymond Ross, in Edinburgh.

In recent events reported in the local press, it was mentioned that a business associate of Vince Delicato had been shot in Corstorphine. We send our best wishes to Vince, and his associate.

Delighted to report that, not only is Ricky Demarco 70 but, he is also the recipient of an honorary degree from the Edinburgh College of Art, an establishment he first entered in 1949, a year when most of us were either still a twinkle in our parents eye, or in swaddling clothes. Congratulations.

Remember the Reunion will take place on Friday 26 September at 7.30pm at The Corn Exchange Chesser Avenue Edinburgh.  Cost including buffet £ 10.

If you intend to come and have not yet informed Lindsay Wilson, could you let Maurice Dougan as soon as possible?


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