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July 2007


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month: -

65   Max Gunn: Joseph Barrett; James Moran; William Gillon; Alexander Carrigan;

60  Robert Rostant; Vince Delicato;  Paul Baker; Paul Cassidy; Philip Barrett; Ian Somerville; Paul Baines; Francis Geddes;

50  Ronald Ciaz ( Law ); Stuart McLennan;

40  None

 School News

For younger readers, Miss Moran, a teacher at the school, and related to the Barry family, died in 1994.

We recently learned that Anthony Valberg died in a car smash in South Africa in 1973. His brother, Chris, is somewhere in Johannesburg. We await more details, but the family have lost touch. Can any of our South African FPs help with a contact address for him?

New contacts this month:- Peter Ricca—in Denny; Adrian Kendal- in Torquay: Brian Roarty—in Broxburn;

E-mail changes this month:- Fardin Ajir; Mike Malocco; Eddie Jones;

Paul Hogarth has changed his e-mail address and gone off radar. Can anyone supply his current e-mail address? I have reconnected with Fardin Ajir.

Latest names to appear in Friends Reunited:-- Tommy Gallagher;  Scott Coghill: Anyone out there who would like to contact them?

There is a slight change to last month’s newsletter. Bro Livingstone taught at Liverpool before Sunderland. He was not last headmaster there. Bro. Gordon (who was also at Scotus) was. And, St Aidan’s has not closed. It is now a secular school. Thanks to Bro Gordon for correcting the entry.

Edinburgh Wanderers recently held a birthday dinner in their clubhouse to celebrate the 60th birthday of Joe Barrett. Also in attendance were fellow FPs, John Bacigalupo and Lindsay Wilson. Joe remembered past glories, and was reminiscing about FPs and friends, David Lamberty, who is in London, Chris Barry, in Kirknewton, and Eddie Stone, in Bury.


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