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Scotian News

January 2013

Issue 95

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

70 Leo Cunning; John McKenna;

65 Thomas Kyle; Roger Pettersen;

60  Nicholas White; Adrian L’Estrange; Christopher Jackson; John Duffy; Alexander Mowat; Alan M. Brown;

50 None


 School News

We are sorry to report the death of Richard Acomb’s father. Our condolences have been sent.

Change of e-mail address:- Ernest Diciacca; Tony Kelly; Jimmy Muldoon; Ted Dzierzek; Peter McCloskey;


Ken Charles has written in to us saying:-  I shall be retiring from the Forestry Commission at the end of March (supposed to be end of December last but, would you believe, that having advertised my job and having 45 applicants, no one was selected {I reckon if I applied for it now I wouldn't get it!}).

Maurice Dougan reminds you all, and asks for help:-

I have finally got around to getting the website up-to-date. It should now contain all newsletter and photos/images which you have sent me. (if you notice anything missing, can you let me know - maurice.dougan@btinternet.com).
Can I suggest that you add a reminder in the next newsletter about the site, which includes a few new sections including cine film of the school from the 1960's, (these are linked in the Sundry section http://scotusacademy.net/Sundry.htm), these films include school summer fate, rugby matches, and school trip to Austria skiing.
There is also a part for the Photo gallery called 'Recently Added' which holds photos and images added in the last few months, this may help save time trawling through the whole album looking for changes. If any one can add names to any photos, can the please let me know the details, but it is very helpful if they could mention the exact caption under the photo so that I can single it out. There are currently over 700 photos on the site.
I would also welcome any comments regarding the site layout and any ideas for anything that could be added.

Simon Walton writes:-

Simon Walton, a team leader at Utility Warehouse of seven-year's standing, wishes Sandy Gordon all the very best in his own career. Noting that Sandy had been introduced in the last edition of the Scotian, Simon highly recommends FPs get in touch with Sandy, as his service really does deliver significant savings to over 400,000 members already.


Derek Massarella was in the U.K. recently from Japan, and he wrote the following comment:-

Some news which I hope will be of interest to the fraternity. I was in London on 13 December for the launch of my new book. Attached are some photos and information about the book, which I hope one and all will buy! There is a chance I shall be in Edinburgh next month. If so, I shall let you know. It would be nice to meet.

Japanese Travellers in Sixteenth-Century Europe -

A Dialogue Concerning the Mission of the Japanese Ambassadors to the Roman Curia (1590)
Edited by Derek Massarella, Chuo University, Japan, Translated by J. F. Moran In 1582 Alessandro Valignano, the Visitor to the Jesuit mission in the East Indies, sent four Japanese boys, two of whom represented important Christian daimyo in western Japan, to Europe. This
book is an account of their travels. The boys left Japan on 20 February 1582 and disembarked in Lisbon on 11 August 1584. They then travelled through Portugal, Spain and Italy as far as Rome, the highpoint of their journey, before returning to Lisbon to begin the long voyage home on 13 April 1586. They reached Nagasaki on 21 July 1590, amidst great rejoicing, more than eight years after their departure. During their travels in Europe they had audiences and less formal meetings with Philip II, king of Spain and Portugal, and with popes Gregory XIII and Sixtus V, and were received by many of the most important political, ecclesiastical and social figures in the places they visited. Until the arrival of the embassy in Europe, the Euro-Japanese encounter had been almost exclusively one way: Europeans going to Japan. The embassy was an integral part of Valignano’s strategy for advancing the Jesuit mission in Japan. The boys chosen were intended to personify Jesuit success in Japan, raise awareness of Japan in Europe amongst the clerical and secular elites, and demonstrate conclusively that what the Jesuits had been writing about Japan since their arrival there in 1549 was not a fabrication.

The embassy was further intended to impress upon the boys the glory, unity, stability and splendour of Christian Europe, so that they might report favourably about their experiences on their return, and counter what Valignano believed were the negative impressions of Europe left by Portuguese merchants and seamen in Japan. As part of this plan, a book consisting of thirty-four colloquia detailing the boys’ travels was compiled and translated into Latin under Valignano’s supervision. It was published in Macao in 1590 with the title De Missione Legatorvm Iaponensium ad Romanum curiam. Valignano anticipated that it would become a standard text in Jesuit seminaries in Japan The present edition is the first complete version of this rich, complex and impressive work to appear in English, and is accompanied with maps and illustrations of the mission, and an introduction discussing its context and the subsequent reception of the book.

Contents: Preface; Note on currency; Note on Romanisation of Japanese and Chinese names; Introduction: Background to De Missione; Objectives of the Embassy and the individuals chosen; Publication of De Missione; Authorship of De Missione; Sources of De Missione; Contextualizing De Missione; Evaluating De Missione and the Tensho embassy; The boys
after their return to Japan; Conclusion. Text: A Dialogue Concerning the Mission of the Japanese Ambassadors to the Roman Curia: Colloquium

Ashgate is pleased to be the publisher for the Hakluyt Society, www.hakluyt.com The Hakluyt Society has for its object the advancement of knowledge and education, particularly in relation to the understanding of world history. The society publishes scholarly editions of primary sources on the ‘Voyages and Travels’ undertaken by individuals from many parts of the globe. These address the geography, ethnology and natural history of the regions visited, covering all continents and every period over the last two thousand years. Such texts, many previously available only in manuscript or in unedited publications in languages other than English, are the essential records of the stages of inter-continental and inter-cultural encounter. Established in 1846, the Society has to date published over 350 volumes. All editions are in English. Although a substantial number of the Society’s past editions relate to British ventures, with documentary sources in English, the majority concern non-British enterprises and are based on texts in languages other than English. Material originally written in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French or Dutch has regularly appeared, material in Russian, Greek, Latin, Ethiopic, Chinese, Persian or Arabic occasionally. All editions contain an introduction and scholarly annotation, giving both the general reader and the student a degree of assistance in understanding the material and providing guidance on the relevance of the episodes described, within the context of global development and world history. Volumes are often generously furnished with maps and contemporary illustrations.

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November 2012
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C.Gordon McCready has written advising that he is the only Master Golf Coach in Europe. He is based in Paris.


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