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Scotian News

January 2012

Issue 83

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

70 Brian Macnamara

65 Simon Andrews

60 Michael Peterson; Anthony Hetherington; Bernard Boyle

50 Martin Dockrell; Paul Gallacher; Enrico Eusebi


 School News

We regret to announce the death of Mike Crean’s mother. She was 93 when she died. Our condolences are sent to the family.

New e-mail contacts:- Stanley Mark Walsingham; Howard Morris; John Doherty;

We are delighted to advise that Roman Miedziebrodzki has become a grandfather again.

Ken O’Hara has posted a number of old rugby photos of FPs who played for Edinburgh Wanderers on the website gallery.

Maurice Dougan has found, in the family archives, some films taken of a garden fete in the early 60’s, the front field being filled in, slave labour on school projects, Bro. Duignan’s dog, Judy, playing tennis in the back area, boys going to play rugby, a rugby match at Murrayfield, and finally a school skiing trip to Galtur in Austria. These are on the web page. Do you recognise yourself? If so, could you let us know? One person easily recognised is Jimmy Murdoch, complete with wavy hair.

Frank Brash has kindly sent a copy of a letter in the early 50’s advising an increase in Fees. For those of you who have paid, or are still paying school fees, it will make you weep.

We have received the following letter from Bro Hall:-

Happy New Year! Thanks too for your continued efforts to keep Scotus Fps together and communicating.

Here in Rome our CB archivist recently received a request from a Fr Bernard Canning PP of St Ninian's, 18 Royal St, Gourock PA19 1PW tel. 01475 633687. I don't know Fr Canning but he has visited us here. Anyway he is aware that this year (1st June) is the 250 anniversary of the birth of Blessed Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian and Presentation Brothers. He was looking for information for an article he proposes to write to come out on June 1st in the Scottish Catholic Observer.

We can give him info on Edmund Rice and statistics re the two schools the Brothers ran in Scotland but it struck me that much more interesting would be memories from FP s as to what their education meant/means to them now. As we are unlikely to trace any Fps from St Ninian's, Falkland I wonder what is possible from Scotus Fps? So would you be willing to invite some on your mailing list to write something?

The angle the Congregation is taking for this year is: "What is being born among us today as followers of Edmund Rice?" So a question for any Fps willing to write a few lines might be "What is being born in you today – that might have its roots in the education received at Scotus?" it is a bit speculative for some but such are the ways of the Spirit!

Let me know what you think.

Blessings for the year ahead.

Br Francis Hall

Could as many of you as possible reply, in a spirit of Christianity, to the request? We would like to have positive feedback only, please.

Finally, gentlemen, we have managed to make contact with Tom Matthews, a former languages teacher  from 1965 at school, but more famous for being the teacher who introduced proper Fencing into the school (unlike Bro Duignan, who used wood, hammers and nails), and helped to coach many who went on to National and International honours. There will be more in the e-mail accompanying this newsletter.



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