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Scotian News

January 2010

Edition 59


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

70  Frank Strathie; Brendan Foley; Alexander Corrigan;

65  Stanislaw Cmock; John Johnston; Mike Nagel; Tony Kelly; Tom Dalrymple; Patrick Miller; Christopher Murray;

60  Tony Doherty; Richard Todd; G. Lewis Macleod; Niall Smith; Michael Morrison; Michael Koral; Norman Innes;

50  Colin Clark; George Glover;

40  None

 School News

Shortly after we went to press last month, we were informed of the death of Father Ronald Walls, the father of David and Christopher Walls. This was one person who could have said he lived life to the full. He was first of all a family man, married with 3 sons, and then, after the death of his wife, he took Holy Orders and became a catholic priest, based in the archdiocese of Aberdeen, serving in Caithness, Banchory, Woodside, Aberdeen, and latterly, Kirkwall. He had the immense personal pleasure of carrying out marriages and baptisms for the family, and the great care and understanding to carry out family funerals as well. Your editor knows of only one other person who falls into the category of lay, married and family man first, and Priest after. It is a very rare occurrence. We sent our deepest condolences to his family.

New e-mail contact:- Paul Somerville;

Change of e-mail:- Ronnie Paul Risi;

An article about Vince Margiotta appeared in a recent edition of the Sunday Post about his businesses in Liverpool, ands is reproduced in the web page under FPs in the News. Vince’s parents had great claims to fame. His father, Armando, was known as the Fudge King, and made fudge which he sold from his shop in the High Street. His greater claim to fame was that he was a contestant, and beat the panel, on the quiz programme, “What’s my Line”, and proudly displayed his certificate in the window of his shop. His mother, Phyllis, has a terrible memory when the clocks changed and was frequently seen entering events and buildings one hour late, having forgotten the change in the time due to Summer Time starting.

Ricky Demarco has done it again. He has advised us of an event that will finish before this edition is sent out. For your information, he held a 2010 fundraising party celebrating the Demarco Gallery’s new home at Craigcrook Castle Annexe, Craigcrook Road, Edinburgh EH4 3PE on the 30th and 31st January. Even Philip Contini is in on the act, as he is supplying the catering.The address is where you should be able to visit Ricky and some of his works throughout the year. Remember he is hoping to have some exhibition about Scotus and Holy Cross, during this year’s Festival, so we should be pleased if you would contact him with any ideas.

He is also launching a new book “The Demarco Collection and Archive: An Introduction”. It can be obtained directly from Ricky.

Aidan Bremner contacted us recently with the following message:-

Aidan Bremner is having his first exhibition of 2010 by kind offer of the City of Lagos in the sunny Algarve where he is a resident in the nearby village of Luz.
The exhibition is called ( "On A Wave" )or "Sta Na Onda", and begins a journey from the times of the Great Discoveries to the present day. Fishermen and Agriculture workers are elevated in a homage forming an archive of events, recording the ever changing faces of the Algarve. Influences today are dominated by Tourism, mass construction and energy awareness. Many images are cut out in mdf ,painted in Acrylic with no backgrounds. The famous Musical Twins of Lagos are depicted playing to an audience which includes Obama and his water dog, the Poet Fernando Pessoa and Henry the Navigator.
Sun seeking cut out life size tourists lounge on poolside beds over a mound of sand to add grittiness to the floor. Nearby a naked lady can be viewed neatly curled up in an open suitcase. entitled "Lover in a Suitcase". what the Airport  security services would make of this I shudder to guess? A  Marabou stork lurks in the background,from the notorious"Marabou Stork Nightmares" book.
Among the guests on the opening night ..Saturday 23rd,April, will be the Mayor, (President of the Camara Municipal of Lagos) and his dignitaries,who will be checking up on me to see if I've got their mugshots on the wall. Well I wouldnt be one of Ricky Demarco's pupils if I didn't have eh? So I'm expecting back -up ,ok,in case theirs any trouble,and thats what this is all about.Get yourselves a flight over here, if you can, to Faro Airport, because I promised the President i would boost the Tourist figures if he gave me the gallery.
The press release is already under way and it starts with.."A  Wave of Tourism hit the Algarve today@ 13.15 hrs. starting at Faro Airport and working its way along the coast towards "Sagres."(which by the way is also the name of the best selling ,,
bottled beer in Glasgow).The show goes on till 6th March, so plenty of time for those who have more time on their hands to make  the Discovery trip if you can pass safely through these new body -scanning machines without blushing too much.
Best wishes to all my old pals out their and special thanks to Lindsay for all the work hes put in to keep us in touch.Cheers Aidan Bremner tel (00351)282 764783


Charles Law has sent this offer to FPs:-
Anyone fed up or need a nice quiet Holiday in the Sun tell people to Come stay with Charlie here in Thailand
we dont have snow or Bad Colds
My villa is nice to Relax
I am  going to Start buying and selling Land so you can tell Friends  http://www.ntvillas.com                                                                                           http://www.udonthanivillas.com 
Have a nice New Year and keep up the good Work


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