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January 2008

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

65  Michael Gillard; Jack Broadley; Tony Thain; David Wright;

60  Rodney Velzian; Michael Drake; Jacek Holdanowcz; David Doyle; John Edgar; James Anderson; Andrew Stephens;

50  David Cowie; Jeremy Duffy; James McCue; Amerigo Lanny; Philip Valente;

40  David Agnew; John Graham; John Meldrum

 School News

We have learned, with regret, that Michael Lewis passed away some 25 years ago.

A wonderful obituary appeared in the middle pages of Tuesday 22nd January Scotsman, extolling the life of John Bartholomew, one of three brothers who ran the acclaimed Edinburgh mapmaking company founded in 1784 by an ancestor, George Bartholomew. John was the Cartographic director, and every one of the F Ps has had to use a map from that Company over the years. All of his five sons, John Eric, Philip, Christopher, Patrick, and Ivon were at Scotus. We offer our condolences, although, on reading his obituary, he seemed to have had a very long, successful and happy life, and we are sure his sons will have been immensely proud of his achievements.

E-mail contacts have been made with Julian Lewis, in France, and David Gardner, in Oundle, East Northamptonshire.

Contact addresses have been obtained for Hugh Ronaldson, in Bo’ness, and James Gardner, in Dewsbury.

We have been advised that Paul Gardner is living in California.

Ricky Demarco has received an honorary doctorate from Stirling University. Congratulations to him. His program of events for the current year is as below:-

 Key Dates and Events in 2008
Around which the programme of
The Demarco European Art Foundation
Should be arranged


            Meetings with the Skateraw Foundation together with The Demarco Archive Trust
            Meeting with The Royal Scottish Academy
            Meeting with Catherine Maxwell Stuart and Mark Muller of Traquair

            Meetings with John and Miriam Galt, and Mary Nasmyth to plan Association of Friends of The Demarco Archive and other fund-raising initiatives: ie. Auctions and website devoted to selling of art works and duplicate archive material and publications.
            21st Meeting with Dr. Kenneth Chrystie at The Caledonian Hotel


            ‘Edinburgh Arts’ expedition to Poland in relation to exhibition by Alexander Hamilton and Richard Ashrowan of  ‘Contact Rushes’ in Lodz.

            ‘Edinburgh Arts’ expedition to Dusseldorf for
            2nd March – Richard Demarco’s lecture at the Musuem Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf.
            Prof. Kent Schuette, of Purdue University, in Edinburgh and New Lanark 8th
            Voyage with The Majestic Line

Glasgow Art Fair 27th –  30th


            Exhibition of paintings by Mary MacIver at Traquair

            18th Sunday – Fund-raising luncheon in The Barn Gallery, Skateraw
            19th Monday – Demarco Digital Archive goes ‘on-line’Dundee University

            Exhibition of The Demarco Archive – Stirling University
            29th Euan McArthur and Richard Demarco speak on the Demarco Digital Archive at The National Gallery of Scotland in the Hawthornden Lecture Theatre


            Expedition from New Harmony to New Lanark via Iona

            ‘Edinburgh Arts’ expedition from Downside Abbey to Montecassino – homage to St. Benedict as Patron of Europe

            Exhibition of Royal Scottish Academy and Romanian artists at The Royal Scottish Academy
            Exhibition of Joanna Przybyla at Traquair

            Demarco Archive exhibition at the Edinburgh Festival in relation to the international conference on the cultural identities of small nations within the European Union.

            ‘Edinburgh Arts’ expedition to Romania in relation to Royal Scottish Academy artists (Cocker, Scott, Visocchi and Watson) exhibition at ‘Astra’ Museum, Sibiu and Demarco Archive exhibition at National Museum of Modern Art, Bucharest

            Demarco Archive exhibition in Liverpool (European City of Culture)

            Gerhard Richter exhibition at The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

            Gunther Uecker exhibition at The Royal Scottish Academy

            Auction in support of The Demarco Foundation at Bonhams, Edinburgh

NB In May there is a possibility of a fund-raising exhibition at The Scottish Gallery and The Compass Gallery in Glasgow co-inciding with the Demarco Archive going ‘on-line’

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