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January 2007

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays these months:-

60 - Ian Webb; Peter West; Sean Pinkman;

50 - Roger Conlon; Matthew Campbell; Alan McOwan; Desmond Burns;

40- Jack Christiansen;


 School News


We report, with regret, the deaths of David Walls’ wife, Vince Rodier’s Uncle and Charlie Packham’s dad.

It has been advised to us that Francis Harte died some years ago.

We offer condolences and prayers for the above families.

New e-mail contacts:-. Franco Abbasciano , in Edinburgh; Mario D’Amico , in Musselburgh; Sandy Alexander , in Edinburgh; Michael James Balchun , in Miami; John Casci ;

Change of e-mail:- Tom Flaherty, Fr. Giles ( Nicholas Connacher ), and Eddie Wilson .

Correspondence received this month:- letters from Dr. Eddie Stone and Nicholas Brotchie ( who advises that his brother, John , one of the first intake of 1953, is living in the London area ), and follow up e-mail from Hugh Pettigrew’s widow, Margaret.

New contact name on Friends Reunited:- Jon “ Scotty “ Ovington , who lives in North Berwick.

Recent hit on the web page’s guest list was Richard Werechowski, son of the late George Werechowski His dad died when he was only 12, and Richard had been living with his mum, his parents having separated some time earlier. He has asked if anyone could supply stories about his dad to help him get to know his life better. If anyone can help, could you contact Richard through the guest book page on the web site, or contact the e-mail address attached to the monthly e-mail.

We now possess a copy of the book “The Land of Green Ginger”, result of an anonymous donation. Still awaiting delivery, from Liverpool, of the records and score of the show.

Read an extract from the Scotland On Sunday about the school

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