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Feburary 2007


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month: -

65 Brian Macnammara;

60 Simon Andrews;

50 Scott Coghill; Paul Valente; Simon Andrews; Nicholas Barry; Gregory Home

40 None

 School News

We have just heard of the death of the mothers of Gordon McCready and Robert Hanna. Condolences are offered.

New e-mail contacts this month: - 
Colin Lees  –in Queensland; Lucio Jannetta (another C.A. )—in Newton Mearns; Paul Gallo –in Kirkcaldy; David Nelson –in Edinburgh; Desmond McInally (one of the original 82 in 1953 )- in Bathgate; Graeme Scott in Kirkcaldy; Charlie Ross-in Edinburgh;

Change of e-mail address:-  Martin Dockrell: Fr. Paul Capaldi: John Shaw:

New address contacts:- Carlo Gallo in Kirkcaldy; Domenic Ciaraldi in Kirkcaldy: Naldo Forte in Surrey;

Re-established contact with John Doherty; Maxim Joseph Anderson;

Correspondence this month from John Gordon; Michael James Balchun ( who tells us that his father was part of the team that closed the USAF air base at Kirknewton);Leo Forsyth-in Perth WA; Bro. Anthony; Fr Giles( Nicholas Connacher)—in Africa; Lucio Jannetta; Colin Lees ;Fr. Alan Finlay; John Shaw: Fr. Paul Capaldi;

Managed to trace Monsignor Michael Jackson (62-65) to a parish in Hove, East Sussex.

Recently heard that Eddie Holleran is seriously ill in South Africa.

We have now received the L.P.s ( 3 )  of the school performance of The Land of Green Ginger. Does anyone in the Edinburgh area have facilities to copy these over to C.D., or supply an address for the work to be carried out? Bro. Anthony says the diction is excellent, but the singing less so. Thanks to Brian Flanagan for delivering the package. We shall check to see if copies can be made, and at what price. FPs wanting a copy should contact Lindsay Wilson.


Read an extract from the Scotland On Sunday about the school

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