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February 2006

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

60 Owen Fee; Dennis Flynn; Freddy Triay;

50 Martin Langford; Ian Strachan; Cedric Martin; Charles Redmond; Robert Clephane;

School News

We have been advised that Charles Gaffney died 2 years ago.

Willie Craven ’s mother, Jackie Broadley ’s mother, and Ben Torriero’s mother are recently deceased. Condolences are offered to all families.

Recent contacts by e-mail include :-
Ronald Risi ----Perth, Western Australia;
Jim Muldoon ---Edinburgh ;
John Gordon ---Lancashire ;
Gordon Gaffney ----Balerno;
Edward Balls (Kolinski) —now known as MacDonald ---Arizona;
Andrew Jeans ---Mumbai ;

New addresses obtained :-
Donald Shaw ---Preston;
John & Michael Taddei ---Aberdour;
Vic Beasley --- Saline, Fife;
Dennis Flynn --- Edinburgh;
Owen Fee --- Edinburgh

Bro. Duignan has not been well. He has been in hospital for health tests. We wish him well.

We have been advised that Stephen Risi has a copy of the Pick-up-a-penguin advert run on the television in the late 60’s. For those that do not remember, a team of penguins (from the Zoo) were filmed leaving the pavilion to play a match on the front field. The opponents consisted a team of Scotus Pupils. The advert ran for some time and was very successful. If anyone is interested in a copy, contact the Editor, and arrangements will try to be made.

Norman Kelly advises that he has found a copy of the recording of “ The Land of Green Ginger ” and will try to make a copy. Again, if anyone is interested contact the editor.

Ronald Risi advises that he still has the Table Tennis bat he won for 2 nd place in the Shot Putt at the school sports. Must be an antique.

We Recently met John Bacigalupo and Gordon McCready . Gordon, who lives in Paris has been seriously ill recently. He is well on the road to recovery, looking very fit, and is recommencing his profession as a professional golf player. He is rejoining the Tartan Tour and the European Seniors tour. If you have the chance to see him play, introduce yourself—but not during his backswing or shot play.

Another visitor to Edinburgh recently was Dermod O’Malley , together with his wife. A small reunion took place in Leith. Those attending were Lindsay Wilson , John Bacigalupo, William Parry, Jack Kerr, Andrew Lindsay, Tom Rooney. Photos of the reunion will appear on the web page shortly.

Maurice Dougan advises that all Scotian magazines are now on the web, along with a large number of photos, which need identification. If you can help, e-mail Maurice, quoting Picture Number, Name of person in photo, and position in Photo. This will help for posterity


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