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December 2005

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

60 Domenic Scott (Iannarelli ); Anthony Valberg; John Jasper Porter; Roddy Zentil

50 Harry McDowall; Ian Sharpe; Lawrence Donoghue; Simon Hampson; Graham Bridges; Bernard Connarty;

40 Scott McIntosh; Sandy Perfect;

FP News

As parents and FPs get older, there are more notices of the passing of loved ones. This month we announce the death of Joe Barrett , who passed away at the age of 94. He was the father of Joseph, Nicholas and Christopher . We offer our condolences to the family. Mr Barrett had a very full life. He was first a full time career soldier, then a lawyer, and finally Sheriff of Linlithgow. In this final office he was friendly with Fergus Byrne , Maths teacher for many of the early years of the school, and Provost of the town of Linlithgow.

How many of you noticed the deliberate mistake in last month’s newsletter. Some did and advised the editor, but many did not. Either school did not teach you to read, or, you don’t read the letter. The correction is that Simon Pia was the diarist of the Scotsman, not his cousin Paul, the lawyer. Simon was the principle speaker at the recent annual dinner of The Society of High Constables of Edinburgh. He spoke to an audience of over 400, and spoke very well. In attendance were fellow FPs and members, Lindsay Wilson, Tony Thain and Ted Dzierzek . Also there were guests, and fellow FPs Andrew Robertsion and David Pia .

Your scribe has been visiting far off places on the globe recently. He has just returned from New York, where he met Norman Kelly . Norman is a C.A. working for HSBC. He was invited to his office, a high up office block on 5 th Avenue. On entering the office, he noticed the view. A corner office window looking straight up 5 th Avenue, obviously a great sight for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The boy dun good. He advised that he has lived in America for 25 years, and is making a return visit to Scotland for the first time in 5 years. He is meeting again Pat Skene and Neil Connolly , as a result of the e-mail list. This is what it is all about. Give the editorial more to help continue the contacts.

E-mail changes this month: - Bert D’Agostino and John Coyle .

The Editor received Christmas cards from Bro Duignan and Bro. Livingstone . Both would like to hear from their pupils. Drop them an e-mail.

At a recent celebration of Roddy Zentil’s 60 th birthday, the following FPs were in attendance to see that he did not exert himself:-

Charlie Duthie; Lindsay Wilson ; John Barry; Paul Barry .

More memorabilia has been added to the web site - www.scotusacademy.net/Gallery/index.html

Acopy of the programme for the Pirates; pictures and press cuttings for The Land of Green Ginger ; Pictures of FPs boarding a plane, and singing with the Cathedral Choir of St. Mary; and a report card of your scribe’s from 1958. Any more will be gratefully received.

Within the last day, the newsletter has been contacted by Dermod O’Malley , in Southampton, Brian Hunter , in Edinburgh, and Fardin “Dean” Ajir , in Southern California. Both e-mail addresses have been received. Dermod advises that he will be up for the Scotland –England Rugby International on 24/25 February. We will try to arrange a meeting for as many as possible. Also received a phone call from Leo Stone, in Manchester. His brother, Eddie , is a G.P. in Bury.

Read an extract from the Scotland On Sunday about the school

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