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Scotian News

December 2016

Edition 142


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

75 James Orr; Francis Jordan; Howard Buchanan;

70 Ian Webb; Peter West; John(Sean) Pinkman; 

65  Philip Curran; Stephen Turnbull; John O’Shea; Michael O’Dwyer; Maurice Dougan; Stephen Fleming; Michael Casey; Stephen Arcari; Alexander Jedrosz;

60  Roger Conlon; Matthew Campbell; Alan McOuan; Desmond Burns;

50 Jack Christiansen;

 School News

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of the mother of Michael James Balchun.

We are pleased to announce that e-mail contact has been made with Willie Morrison (1956-1962), who resides in Ireland. Older FPs will remember Willie was a very good cross country and middle distance track runner, who won all his races at school.

There have been a number of e-mail changes:- Stan Urbaniak; Phil Doherty; In addition, a number of e-mail addresses have changed, and we shall follow them up in the next few months to bring the lists up to date. If anyone is reading this epistle on the web, having not received it by e-mail, please contact Lindsay Wilson.

We recently received a facebook message from Paul Butler, who left school on the last day in 1978.

The copies of the Land of Green Ginger which were ordered have now been distributed. There are still a few more left to distribute, co contact Lindsay Wilson if you require a copy. We now wait, with interest, in receiving comments on hearing your voices from 50 years ago. We have had a comment from Mike Casey, as follows:- So .......... Thank you so much to You and Maurice for the obvious hard work that has gone into their production. I recollect a recording
floating around years ago, but the quality was not good.

I have listened to part of the first disc, my God it does bring back memories. I had forgotten what a very talented man Chris Pope was.
He was wasted in the legal profession! (I seem to remember also that John Barry's performance as a tortoise was spectacular)!

Please pass on my thanks to Maurice and also thanks to you for the sterling work you do for our association. I get a huge amount of pleasure reading about what everyone is getting up to.

I look forward to meeting up with a few old pals next time I visit Edinburgh.

On the 29th January, Canon Alan Finley leaves Taunton ,as the parish priest of three churches. His 94 year old father is still alive, and Canon Alan needs more time to take care of him. He will still be an active curate, being second in command to a former curate of his, from 23 years ago, in another parish. He comments:- Having trained as a mouse to be a rat he can get his own back on me.!


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