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April 2008


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month: -


65  None.

60  Ian McGourty; Calvin Munro; Raymond Josylin; Ronald Fraser; Kenneth O’Hara; Tom Rooney; Michael Welsh; Damian Deluca;

50  Philip Bartholomew; Raymond McGill; Christopher Walsh; Colin Duff; Alistair Scott;

40  None.

 School News

New e-mail contacts obtained for Paul Gardner—in California, and Ian McCarron--- in Edinburgh.

Re-connected to Joe. McQuade by his new e-mail address.

Your scribe once again was omitted from the guest list of a major celebration by FPs, but was able to obtain a report from his emissary, Bert D’Agostino.. He writes as follows:-

Gerry and Monica ( Barry )Minchella celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at Dunfermline Golf Club on Saturday night (23 March ) and kindly invited me along. I had a great night meeting Peter Barry and Chris Barry again and Dominic and Ann Minchella, Gerry’s brother and sister,who I hadn’t seen in many years. Also there was Mike Ashley so the evening became a bit like memory lane.

I intend to make an effort to get “my lot” to the reunion in September including my brother Gerry, Gerry & Dominic, Mike Ashley, Phil Doherty, Frank Strathie, Laurie Demarco, Jim Barratt and hopefully the Pope (Ally Lawson)


Still awaiting e-mail changes from Donald Cormack, George McGuire, Paul Hogarth, Joseph McQuade.

Recently heard from Andy Marjoribanks, who wrote as follows:-

Hi Folks
If you want a chuckle, I should be appearing in Taggart next Monday(21 April ) on ITV1 at 9.00pm. You can't miss me. I am the one who is torturing some Glasgow hardman. And if you do miss it, I am also the one who gets shot in a drive-by shooting shortly afterwards.

Failing that, if you want something a bit more high brow, I make a short drunken appearance as a Scottish football supporter in Melvyn Bragg's "Written Britain" on ITV1 at 10.45pm on Sunday 27 April.

Unless you really love watching the above programmes, it will probably be best to just record them and fast forward to the relevant parts.

Cheers for now

Another Scotus thesbian.

The former Brother, Dominic Hyland, has been most helpful in gathering information about the school. We now have a full list of all Brothers who taught at the school, the years they were there, and what became of them (some details missing). It is hoped to put this list on the web soon.

We also received a book written by Dominic, a History of the English Province Schools of the Christian Brothers, which includes a chapter on Scotus. We have his permission to copy that chapter, and, again, this will be put on the web.

Joe Barry recently contacted us with the following information:-

                                                   THE OLD MASS

Following recent pronouncements by Pope Benedict, extolling the virtues of the old Latin Mass, I thought Scotians might be interested to know that the Latin (Tridentine) Mass  is celebrated every weekend in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Whether you are a lapsed Catholic with a little flame of faith still burning or are still practising but are a little curious or nostalgic to see the old Mass again, why not come and see it for yourself.
You may expect that it may be kept going for a few old reactionaries who refuse to accept change. However it seems to appeal most to a younger generation who never knew the Mass before theVatican Council. They are attracted by its quiet solemnity and reverence. Even the ‘Traditional’ priests celebrating this Mass tend to be quite young with an average age under fifty.It is this trend that has surprised the Vatican as they expected support for the old Mass to have fizzled out by now.
If you are interested Mass is said every Sat at 11am, and Sun at 1pm at St Margaret’s and St Leonard’s Church at 110 St Leonard’s Street Edinburgh.
For further information contact Joe Barry 0131 333 2021 or email rathomains@btinternet.com


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