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Scotian News

January 2017

Edition 143


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

75 Brian Macnamara;

70 Simon Andrews; Michael Devlin;

65 Michael Peterson; Anthony Hetherington; Bernard Boyle;

60 Paul Valente; Nicholas Barry; Gregory Home;

50  None

 School News

We are sorry to advise the death of Brendan Foley’s eldest brother. Condolences have been offered.

We are pleased to announce that we have made Facebook contact with Michael Finucane.

We have recently heard that Jim McArdle and Paul Gunn are unwell. Please pray for their wellbeing, fortitude, and strength of character.

Frank Dougan is standing again for re-election to the Hibs board as a Fan's Rep' Non-Exec Director. Anyone who has a Hibs Client Reference number can vote for him up until the start of March.

We have received a letter from Bro. Anthony, our contact at St. Edward’s Liverpool, the House where all Scotus records are held. This may interest younger FPs. He writes:- “A happy new year to you and all former pupils of Scotus Academy if it's not too late to offer them.

Your Scotian Newsletter received just now has stirred me into action, as I have been intending to send you the following information since November. It concerns Brother John Sullivan who taught, probably geography, at Scotus Academy from September 1975 until February 1977.

I regret to inform you that Brother John, familiarly called by the Brothers "John L" after a famous American boxer, died in a nursing home in Baldoyle, Dublin, on 24th July 2016, aged 94 years. I had assumed that you would have been approached and informed of this by the writer of his obituary, but I cannot remember any request for information about him appearing in the Scotian Newsletter.

The official Life has now been written and in the copy sent to the printers his time in Edinburgh is recorded in the following paragraph:- "In 1975 John was changed to Scotus Academy, Edinburgh. One highlight was a visit to Rosyth Naval dockyard and there were camping trips. One sad occasion was the sudden death of Br Ferdinand McGrath, one of the Community."

In February 1977 John was selected as one of the Brothers to participate in The International Tetrianship in Rome, a six months' course to update the participants' spirituality in the wake of Vatican II. After his Tertianship, John was changed to St Anselm's College, Birkenhead.

Perhaps the above quotation will stir some memories among the former pupils. Thank you for all you do to keep them in touch with one another and I hope you find all your efforts firmly rewarded by the joy shared among you.

With all good wishes.

LEO ANTHONY (Brother)”

Canon Alan Finley has responded to our request to send information about FPs that we can impart to others. He has advised :-“ Alan Finley (1958-9)

"Though only a pupil at Scotus for one year I do remember my time there well. Notably, needing to keep a cap on when I got off the 31 bus and not get caught without it by Brother Hastings (I think)! I also recall being the given the strap ( I was a bit of a goody, goody so it was novel for me) to not knowing the answer to, "Why does God love you?!" This may have been from Brother Hyland. Ididnot care for rugby, preferring to watch the trains but I did once make a tackle in a game my team lost 66-0! Later in life, when a policeman in Somerset with Ray Robinson I used to babysit his son Andy!! (Rugby fans will know the significance of that remark)

Few will remember me I am sure, but I had come back to live in Edinburgh from 1955-9 with my grandparents when my parents were living in Nyasaland (Malawi now). I went to St Peter's, Morningside for 3 years, a term at Holy Cross and then to Scotus.

I applaud Lindsay and all who help to keep a website or in any way try and keep links from the past. It is hard to get chaps to contribute and this is the first time I have offered anything myself.

I came to live in Somerset with my parents in 1959, hence my now being a priest in Clifton Diocese (centred in Bristol) but I made annual trips for many years to see my relatives in Scotland. My mother was from Edinburgh and I am proud of being born there even though my father -still alive at 94 - has the misfortune to be and Englishman. I always look for Hibs' score and it is not very often that I write saying they have just won 8-1 at Tynecastle!

I am just about to leave two Catholic Parishes combined, in Taunton, have some time off and then hope to be a curate again in Gloucester with the Parish Priest who used to be my curate 23 years ago -he can get his own back now!

Thanking god for nearly 42 years of priesthood I assure all readers and their families of my prayers and good wishes and, should any of you be in the West Country do get in touch.

I have just tapped these words out on a whim and should be packing things up to leave here on Sunday. My granny in Edinburgh used to say, "the way to hell is paved with good intentions." On which positive note, and Pope Francis-like remark, goodbye all!



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