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December 2009

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

70 None

65 Andrew Lovett

60  Norman Tait; Michael Borys; Malcolm Buchanan; Sandy Alexander; Richard Rule;

50  Peter Morris; Nicholas Smith; Ernest DiRollo;

40  None

 School News

It is normally at this time and place in the newsletter, that we announce deaths. Well, today we have a Lazarus moment. We have been advised that reports of Malcolm  James Croan’s death have been greatly exaggerated, and he is alive and well, and has been living in Canada for over 25 years..

New e-mail contacts:- Malcolm James Croan, in Canada. He tells us he was expelled for not wearing his cap. Many more suffered the same, or similar fates.

Change of e-mail address:- Allan Ashton;

Lost contact:- Ronnie Paul Risi; Max Anderson;

F P contacts:- Canon Alan Findley, in Bristol, who is a cousin of John and  Graham McKay. He suggests if you are in the Bristol area to look him up. He is the priest with the biggest smile, as he supports Birmingham city. Sandy Alexander wrote about his birthday:-

I will celebrate it in Shanghai where I am visiting some friends.

It creeps up on you before you know it. Hard to believe, as every time I
look in the mirror I see this wee boy looking back at me, ha ha!

It seems like only yesterday that I walked up the path to Scotus there in
Murrayfield. To some it was a great school and experience, others, not so
much so. Overall , it didn't do me any lasting harm, and my life has turned
out not so bad, so we'll take that as a plus.

Thanks again for your warm greetings. Much appreciated. You never know,
one day I might just make it along to one of your meetings. I heard
recently from Gerry McEneny, who I remember as a great friend from school.
He is up in Aberdeen now as you know, and we exchanged some email chat
about this and that and our passion for football, his team being the
Hibees , and mine being the Bairns of Falkirk. Unfortunately the Bairns
aren't cutting it at the moment and the Hibees are flying. Never mind, it's
only a game, isn't it...... !! Anyway Gerry was kind enough not to gloat
and we agreed we'd meet up some time in the future at a Falkirk /Hibs
match... that is if we manage to stay in the same division.

I remember many of the guys from my class in those days, and often wonder
how their lives went. Some I bump into from time to time, others I've never
heard of since the day I left school.

Anyway, regards to them all,

Best wishes,

Sandy "Tommy" Alexander


We have been advised that Barry Wilson has now retired as Director General for Personnel at the European Parliament in Brussels. If anyone has a forwarding address, could they send it on to us.


We have found out that some of our FPs are authors. Malcolm James Croan has written three books,” A Glimpse at the Past”, “Princess Sheba”, and his latest “Right Hand up to God”. He says that the second book is a good read for grandchildren. Read about him on the Internet under his name.

Randy Schlichting, our Baptist Minister, who resides in Georgia, USA, has written a book, “Minority Rules”, in which he says the following:-
Christians in America are a a shrinking minority who act like the majority to the demise of our movement. What happened and what will become of us? In the book I discuss the issues and prescribe some critical ideas for the future health of Christianity as a minority movement, for that is what we are."

Steve Brown, Key Life and RTS professor read it and said this, "Sometimes there is a book that shakes one out of one's spiritual apathy, challenges false assumptions and then opens a door to incredible ministry to the world. Minority Rules has done that for me and I rise up and call Randy Schlichting blessed for having written it.  And you'll rise up and call me blessed  for commending it to you."

Randy Pope, our Lead Teacher at Perimeter was kind to read it and give me this review, "What do you expect? Pastors are supposed to write endorsements for those on their staff. You're wrong. I write this endorsement because of the impact Minority Rules had on me when I read it. It is not typical subject matter and it will certainly not be a book you can read without soul searching. Read it and you'll know what I mean."

I hope you will buy it and read it. I think it has something to say, not because I have all the answers but because those who have read advance copies have said I am opening up an important conversation.

I made it intentionally short (120 pages) and very cheap if you pick it up in the bookstore. A couple more bucks to get it mailed to you.

Link to the Web Store for order is: http://www.echristianstore.com/perimeterchurch/Default.aspx?tabid=8716=schlichtinghttp://www.echristianstore.com/perimeterchurch/Default.aspx?tabid=8716&Item=schlichting

Or go to www.perimeter.org and search for bookstore

It is a good book I think for group study too. I have placed questions at the end of every chapter so I hope that will be helpful.

In the unusual event that any FPs would want to purchase a copy of my book, Minority Rules, I now have a way to do that. I have set up a blogsite and paypal. It should work for international. If they do decide to do it, have them email me and I will follow it up to make sure it goes out.


Randy Schlichting


We have posted on our school web site, and on Facebook, a video of a procession at St Margaret’s Convent in 1966/1967, sent in by Laurence Cecchini. We are assured that Bro Engel is on the video, as are Paul Capaldi and Eric Gregor to name but two. If you are on the video, please let us know.

It is with great sadness that we all read, just over two weeks ago, of the firms of Globespan and Flyglobespan having to cease trading, and being liquidated. It is the editorials opinion that all of our FPs were immensely proud to be associated with Tom Dalrymple’s travel business, rising from a small travel agency in the 1960s through its expansion to the biggest airline in Scotland. As we go to press there are many questions seeking answers, and we know that Tom is hurting. We wish him well in the future, whether that will be another business, or a long happy retirement. We will all miss his aircraft. There will not be many who have not flown with his planes to many destinations from Edinburgh. It was almost like a local taxi service to holiday destinations.


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