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Scotian News

August 2012

Edition 90


Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

70 Paul Martin; Desmond Anderson; Robin Smith; James Murdoch; 

65 David Oversby-Powell; John McMillan; John Perreur Lloyd;

60 George Dudgeon; Lewis Bosi; Michael Dalton; Philip West; Gregory Toohy; John Wynn-Williams; Martin Killiner;

50 Paul Johnstone; Gardiner Dick; Gavin Chater; Graham Haughey; 

 School News

Sadly, we have to report the death of Allan Ashton (59-66). Our condolences are sent to the family.

New e-mail contacts:- Matthew Hay; John DiCiacca;

Change of e-mail contact:- John Lehany; Valerio Nannini( in Singapore); Richard Thomson; Eddie Jones; Chris Hand;

We have been sent an e-mail from Marc Capaldi, a retired commercial airline pilot, now resident in Cyprus. He was recently on holiday, with his wife, in Japan, and was followed by a Japanese camera crew when visiting his wife’s favourite animal, a capybara. For the avoidance of doubt, Marc’s wife is wearing a hat, and all the others in the film have facial hair. Marc can be easily spotted as he is wearing glasses. Capybara

Jim Casey is not very well, and we offer our prayers in support.

Father Damian Wynn-Williams is in Edinburgh at present, and your editor, Lindsay Wilson, is meeting him for lunch on Sunday, 23 September. If anyone would like to attend please e-mail:-

A number of e-mail addresses have recently bounced back, and some are because we hold business contacts only. Please can you help us to reconnect to the following by passing on contact details, or advising those people mentioned to make contact,  for any of the following:-

Reno DiRollo; Neil Cameron; Michael Carmody; Joe Kelly; Ian Brown; Frank Strathie; Angus Lamb; Edmund McPheely; Stuart McLaughlin; Lewis Maguire; Brian Hunter; Peter Hunt; Andrew Malone; Tony Rostant;


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