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Aug 2008

Congratulations to the following Former Pupils who have reached milestone birthdays this month:-

65 Michael Shields; Derek Everest; Michael McCreadie; Ricardo Macari;

60 Stan Urbaniak; Mark Horne; Neil Allan; Brian Jackson; John Smith; Hugh Lavery; William Mackie; Joseph Kraske;

50 Charles Law; Gordon Stone;

40 Philip Grant;


 School News

We have recently heard that Gerry D’Agostino, Mike Gallo, and Mike Maran are not too well at the moment. These names will be well known to older members of the FPs. We wish them a speedy recovery and get back to all their normal pursuits. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Philip Contini has been in the news in Edinburgh recently. His company, Valvona & Crolla, well known Italian Delicatessen in Elm Row, is going to run the delicatessen counter in Jenners. This will be a massive boost to his business. We wish him every success. In the interests of seeing how our FPs perform at the Festival, your scribe attended the recent concert about the life and songs of Louis Prima, an Italian/ American singer, performed by Philip at The Vin Caffe in Multrees Walk in Edinburgh (For those of you who have not been in Edinburgh recently, Multrees Walk is a pedestrianised street beside Harvey Nichols where the old bus station stood at St. Andrews Square). His performance was excellent. Arthur Oldham, looking down from on high, was tugging his beard and smiling.

New e-mail contacts :- Martin Killiner, in Oswestry ; Mike Sexton ; Philip Ross ;

E-mail changes :- Fred Campbell ; John Lockett ; Bob Kelly ; Andrew Jankowski ( he wondered if anyone would remember him from his school days) ; Marco Pelosi ; Paul Hogarth ; Billy Gillon, who is in Edinburgh. Billy was one of only two FPs who taught at the school after being pupils. The other was Aidan Bremner. Both were art masters, well taught by Ricky Demarco. Billy has had some art work shown at the Leith Gallery, and you can see his work on the Internet:-


New addresses :- Mike O’Dwyer in Edinburgh, J. Graeme Robertson, in Newtonmore, and John Smith in West Calder.

We have recently lost contact with Donald Cormack in Forth Worth, Texas, and Edward Merard in Canada.  Can anyone help reconnect with them?

From time to time, this column prints a deliberate error to see if the readers are awake, and still able to read. Last month’s deliberate error was correctly spotted by Andrew Lindsay, and he wins free copies of the newsletter for the rest of the year. The mistake was that Ricky Demarco has just celebrated his 78th birthday, not as stated his 70th. Even Ricky failed to spot this.

At a recent retrial party for one of the Italian community’s leading lights, there were a number of FPs in attendance:-

Andrew Robertson; Adam Dzierzek; Vince Delicato; Tony Rogers; Ramon Demarco; Lindsay Wilson; and Mike Gallo (the same one mentioned earlier. He told this reporter that, although he has health problems, he is enjoying life to the full, as much as he can—Good luck to him)

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