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Scotus alumni reunion is finally taking flight.

By John Gibson, Edinburgh’s best known columnist.

 Shades of The Blackboard Jungle? Hardly. But Scotus Academy, on the hill just off the Corstorphine Road, had a certain reputation. Its pupils were perceived by some as free spirits.

Meaning they had the run of the classroom, pretty well like pupils seem to have in most schools today. But hang about. I’m assured that Scotus was no jungle.

Tom Dalrymple, boss of Globespan, and broadcaster Simon Pia are former pupils. Connoisseur of the arts Ricky Demarco and ex-choirmaster at St Mary’s RC Cathedral Arthur Oldham thought there.

Another FP, Maurice Dougan, tells me: “Discipline was of a high standard and the teaching was ahead of its time. The school was opened in 1953 by the Christian Brothers, a religious movement from Ireland, and closed in 1978. BUPA bought the site.”

Maurice, a software engineers with BT, and fellow FP and retired chartered accountant Lindsay Wilson are organising a reunion on November 17 at the Chesser Corn Exchange.

Maurice again: “In its life, Scotus had 1273 pupils and we’ve contacted 40 per cent of those who are still with us. They’re all over the globe and Lindsay, currently touring the world on holiday, hopes to encounter some on his travels. We have some 30 names so far and we hope to have close on a hundred attending.”

Simon Pia religious? I’d never have suspected that of him all the time we worked here under the same Holyrood roof. Mind you, given the occasional expletive myself in the Easter Road press box, I can’t recall hearing him swear there and, by God, he often had good reason to.

Chaps, I hope it all goes well on the night. My advice meantime is, contact scotusacademy.net for highly disciplined details. And fly Globespan. Discount, maybe, from Tom.


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