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Details taken form EEN July 2010

Neighbour's anger at GP surgery's overhanging trees

Vic Radynski
Vic Radynski

Published Date:
27 July 2010
For Vic Radynski, it was the moment he finally snapped - the branch that is.
After years of arguing over the out of control hedge beside his home, the 59-year-old from Colinton Mains decided to get to the root of the problem.

Taking the direct approach, he has begun dumping bundles of branches and leaves from the offending foliage on the doorstep of the neighbouring Firrhill Medical Centre.

Mr Radynski said he had been left with no choice as the surgery had ignored his requests to cut the hedge - which overhangs the fence by two feet.

Staff at the surgery, however, are just as despairing. They insist that the hedge is only there because of Mr Radynski and that the matter could be sorted out if only they could have a "constructive conversation".

Coach driver Mr Radynski said that over the past couple of years the problem had become much worse because the once-small bushes have bloomed into monster trees.

He said: "It's crazy. They've grown so high and thick that I can't park my car on my own driveway at times. It ruins my enjoyment of the garden too.

"This has been going on for years. When they first built the surgery nine years ago it wasn't a problem because the firs were just small shrubs, but now they're gigantic. I've had to spend £500 during the last two years on gardeners, but now I've resorted to cutting the trees myself to save money. I'm going to keep dumping the branches on the surgery's doorstep until they do something about it.

"Every year they get somebody to cut their side of the hedge, but never mine, even though the trees belong to them. They don't even clean up the branches that drop into my garden."

Mr Radynski said he had been on numerous demonstrations with Scothedge, a campaign group designed to try and make sure owners take responsibility for nuisance hedges.

He said: "We've been outside Holyrood a couple of times, but not much has happened. We just want fairer hedge legislation to make people responsible for maintaining their trees. They shouldn't be allowed to let them grow on to other's property."

Dr James Cowan, the GP who owns the surgery, said he knew Mr Radynski was not happy with the arrangement of the hedge, but he said it had been erected in the first place for his neighbour's benefit.

He said: "When we moved here Mr Radynski was very concerned about his privacy, so we built the hedge.

"We trim the hedge every year, but it is my understanding that we are not responsible for Mr Radynski's side."

He added: "I have never had a constructive conversation with this neighbour.

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