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Monday, 24. September 2018 08:38
Thank you for stopping by the Scotus Academy Guestbook. Here you can leave your mark.

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Friday, 21. September 2018 10:06  Write a comment Send E-mail

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Tuesday, 4. September 2018 08:16  Write a comment Send E-mail

You have among the best online websites.
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Tuesday, 21. August 2018 10:03  Write a comment Send E-mail

Unbelievably individual friendly site. Astounding information readily available on couple of gos to.
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David Brown 
Louisville, KY USA
Thursday, 21. January 2016 16:59  Write a comment Send E-mail

Just Found This Site! Instant Memories.
Attended in the 74'-76' time frame. Lived near Polmont and took the train then bus.

Learned to play golf across the street. Many thanks as that led to a golf scholarship in the states.

Fond memories of school trip to Germany and no so fond memories of having to receipt different tenses of Latin to the Rector (Brother Livingston) who was squeezing and rolling my knuckles in his hand as he looked down at me after I had to find him walking the grounds. That was always scary. Okay, those are now good memories also. :-).

Miss the rugby games too.

Married, 2 kids (Girl almost 18) about to go to college and son 20.

Nice job on the site. :-)
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Peter Bunyan 
Sunday, 10. May 2015 18:23  Write a comment

Not my favourite period 65 to 71.
But really enjoyed being taught by Pom.,Bill Gillon and Brother King.
Hope you are all well and happy.
Kind regards
Peter Bunyan
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maureen dupras 
Wonder Valley, Sanger, Califor
Tuesday, 13. January 2015 21:26  Write a comment Send E-mail

:-) Anyone recall my second cousin who was born l/1/1944, attended probably from 1945 thru 1957? His name is Peter Barrett Whiston, son of Peter Rice Whiston and first wife, Agnes Campbell, who died in 1945 before the boy was 2. His step-mother was a registered nurse, Kathleen Parker, and he had probably 3 or 4 half siblings. I'm doing genealogical research on my great Aunt Isabella Whelahan Campbell, daughter of Michael J. Whelahan (co-founder of the HIBS) and was so delighted to find she had the one solitary descendant.
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Anatol Krot Jr 
Phenix City, Alabama, USA
Sunday, 31. August 2014 22:49  Write a comment Send E-mail

Great to find a school site. I attended Scotus in 1976-77. It has been a while since I had contact with anyone who attended the Academy during those years. It would be a pleasure hearing from anyone who might remember. Football is the kick. :-)
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Kevin Thomson 
Tuesday, 26. August 2014 01:14  Write a comment Send E-mail

Kind wishes to all classmates :-)))
Also MUCH RESPECT AND ADMIRATION for the fine guys running this site and the information behind it; a serious burden for anyone, in retirement or otherwise !
BR Kevin
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Jurek Lisowski 
Thursday, 30. January 2014 10:36  Write a comment Send E-mail

School days etc.etc.
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Michael Dougall 
Wednesday, 2. October 2013 10:57  Write a comment Send E-mail

Enjoyed reading about the 1958 Lourdes trip which I was on. I am sure we went to Westminster Cathedral for a sevice either on the way there or on the way back.
Also enjoyed the 60th anniversary lunch in Edinburgh.
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Tuesday, 2. October 2012 17:24  Write a comment Send E-mail

Thanks a bunch! It a amazing internet site.
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Lindsay Wilson 
Friday, 3. August 2012 10:04  Write a comment Send E-mail

could Denis Lennon please contact me to hear more about his brother.
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denis h lennon 
brisbane australia
Friday, 4. May 2012 07:38  Write a comment Send E-mail

just heard about this site, my eldest brother taught at the academy , his name was Bro Lennon . as he was 15 years older than myself i do not know a great deal about him if you could fill me in on any thing about him i would be gratefull. Thank you denis h lennon :eek:
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john timms 
Sunday, 8. April 2012 18:28  Write a comment Send E-mail

does anyone know what happened to mr strachan?
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Maurice Dougan 
Thursday, 2. February 2012 18:20  Write a comment

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