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Brendan L Foley 
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Wednesday, 13. March 2019 22:19  Write a comment Send E-mail

Attended Scotus 1955-1957
Memorable good teachers - Bro. O'Connell, Bro. Duignan, Ricky DeMarco.
Didn't like Bro. Russell, Mr. Small (Latin)
Memorable Classmates; Ludwig Schrzcz(?), Laurie DeMarco, Umberto D'Agostino, Gerry Minchella, Phil Doherty(?), Peter Schofield + an American guy(but I can't remember his name - his Dad was in USAF based at Kirknewton!)
Memorable Sports: Tennis & Rugby
Married(2001) - Wife & two kids
Retired - Information Systems Consultant - worked in UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia & Kuwait.
Also got a War Pension (Ex Royal Marines).
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