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David Brown 
Louisville, KY USA
Thursday, 21. January 2016 16:59  Write a comment Send E-mail

Just Found This Site! Instant Memories.
Attended in the 74'-76' time frame. Lived near Polmont and took the train then bus.

Learned to play golf across the street. Many thanks as that led to a golf scholarship in the states.

Fond memories of school trip to Germany and no so fond memories of having to receipt different tenses of Latin to the Rector (Brother Livingston) who was squeezing and rolling my knuckles in his hand as he looked down at me after I had to find him walking the grounds. That was always scary. Okay, those are now good memories also. :-).

Miss the rugby games too.

Married, 2 kids (Girl almost 18) about to go to college and son 20.

Nice job on the site. :-)
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